Saturday, October 25, 2014

New 'Harry Potter' Story From J.K. Rowling

Potterheads, rejoice!

News feeds everywhere exploded yesterday with the news that October 31 - Halloween - will bring to the world a new story from the Harry Potter world.

Surely, we all remember Dolores Umbridge, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic, High Inquisitor of Hogwarts, and, albeit briefly, Hogwarts Headmistress.

J.K. Rowling has announced that she has written a 1,700 word backstory detailing the life of one of the most hated characters of the series.

It will be available exclusively on Pottermore, where it was said "Umbridge is not only one of the most malicious Potter characters, she is the only person other than Lord Voldemort to leave a permanent, physical scar on Harry." 

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