Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

On this spooky day, I want to pay tribute to those in costume.

Okay, children and animals specifically.

Get ready to say "awww" after the jump!

1. A fabulous superhero gang
A photo posted by @bailey.the.corgi on

2. Mini-Willie Robertson!

A photo posted by Paulina Andis (@pauleenuka) on

3. Bunny in a tiny hat!

4. The cutest chick you ever did see!

A photo posted by ⚡Carmen Gonzalez (@elizabethgz) on

5. Kitten in a hat. That is all.

6. Have you ever seen a less frightening villian?!

7. In search of the Wizard...

8. Little Sulley

A photo posted by Kevin Rodriquez (@kevrod_14) on

9. Hairy Potter.

A photo posted by Parenting (@parenting) on

10. I didn't know Wonder Woman owned a tutu!

11. It's a DRAGON!

12. The King is back in town.

A photo posted by Maria jose Villalobos aragon (@majovillalobosa) on

13. He's the guinea pig for the job.

14. Baby Harry!

15. Making the most of the cone of shame.

A photo posted by LeLePets ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿ  (@lelepets) on

16. She just wants to be part of your world!

A photo posted by Debi Septiani (@debisetiawan) on

17. Guinea pirate.

18. This Dobby is still waiting for his sock.

A photo posted by Angie pangie (@aquablue2u2) on

19. Minions come in all kinds of varieties.

20. Neighborhood friendly crime stoppers!

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